Nerdland: Get Famous or Die Trying


As much a scathing satire of our societal obsession with fame as it is a trippy buddy comedy, Nerdland is what happens when you mix the anarchic animation style of MTV’s Liquid Television with Adult Swim’s ADD roster of comedy talent. Elliot (an agreeably loopy Patton Oswalt) is an aspiring screenwriter who never met a job he couldn’t get fired from. John (Paul Rudd) is his optimistically off-kilter best friend who decides that the two soon-to-be-thirtysomethings need to become famous. Now. The delusional but charming duo embark on a series of adventures that range from delivering a check to a local homeless man to rescuing people from a burning building, with each situation hilariously (and predictably) blowing up in their faces. In fact, much of director Chris Prynoski’s episodic film feels lifted straight from the Zucker-Abraham-Zucker school of Absurdly Escalating Comedy. Hannibal Buress delivers one of the densely packed film’s best performances as The King, the purplish, priapic proprietor of a local comic shop who talks in the third person and wears a gold crown, while Paul Scheer serves up a pitch-perfect rant as a rabid tennis player. Though the film doesn’t quite deliver on the raunchy promise of its R rating, Nerdland makes the most of Rudd and Oswalt’s chemistry as the endearingly stupid but sweet BFF’s who realize that nothing is worth doing unless it’s done together.


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