I can skwee clearly now

Until now, Scandinavia has been known mostly for its high fjord-to-resident ratio, delicious smorgasbords and stranglehold on the low-cost particleboard design movement. Skweee, an adorably named style of mutating electronic boogie funk that blends synth squiggles and buzzing basslines with proto hip-hop rhythms, is rising to prominence on the backs of artists like Randy Barracuda, Metske and Rigas den Andre and labels like Harmonia and Flogsta Danshall.

It’s hard not to love a style that sounds like the 8-bit lovechild of Kraftwerk and Solvent topped with the occasional high-pitched disco diva sample. Sure, it’s bordering on the ridiculous but in a musicscape littered with superserious artistes it’s refreshing to smile while dancing to a track like Barracuda’s ‘Skweee Like a Pig’ or recent Planet Mu inductee Eero Johannes’ ‘Leisi Elli’. Whatever skweee lacks in in the pokerface department it more than makes up for in playful commitment and sheer dancebaility. Forward thinking artists like Roska and Ikonika have already picked up on skweee’s influence and with a forthcoming documentary it’s only a matter of time before the rest of the world does too.

We call it Skweee -mini preview from David Giese on Vimeo.


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