No Salt Needed

Slugs rate a 9.5 on the list of Things that Gross Me Out meter, and if you’re the Man With a Head Like a Fucking Orange that is Karl Pilkington, you’d fancy a go at eliminating them from the planet altogether.

Nightslugs are a different story. Comprised of dubbel step originator L-Vis 1990 and Dj/producer/graphic designer Bok Bok, Nightslugs is a musical collaboration and catch-all term for their warped voyages into global gutter house and heavy bass. Driven by their love of subterranean techno, jacking electro, dirty bmore and filthy grime tinged with sunny soca beats and old school r’n’b rhythms, they pack their eponymous no holds barred monthly party with the next-level likes of Jackmaster (.5 of the cheerfully rabid duo Acid Jacks and ringleader of Idiot House), Untold (a former web designer who’s been producing mindwarping dubstep for all of 18 months) and Joy Orbison (I’ve had the gravity challenged horn loop of ‘Hyph Mngo’ bouncing around my skull for weeks.)

Proud to be the British kindred spirit of NYC’s Trouble & Bass, these Brighton boys had the honor of dropping their first EP as the last release on Dress 2 Sweat, which in an unholy merger with Stuff Records and Wireblock, is ready to drown the world in spinal cord injury inducing soundwaves. You’d be remiss not to RSS the excellent Lower End Spasm, which is regularly updated by Bok Bok and others with fresh mixes and podcasts. And if that’s not enough, check out Bok Bok’s every other Saturday radio show on to start your night off right good.


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